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[just putting it out there #5] スレイヴァーズ ラヴァ!?

スレイヴァーズ ラヴァ!? !? !? !? ! ! ! !
how dafuqing fuq is that the katakana for SLAVER’S LOVER !?

I don’t get it ! isn’t ヴ katakana for u with a dakuten.
sorry for my poor kana reading skills but I was not taught vowels to have dakuten too. but then why are we not using バ ! ? I don’t understand ! 
ほんとにわかりません !

I thought it was SERIOUS SERIES bcozスレイヴァーズ 
serious was the only word that made sense compared to su-re-i-u-a ? ? ?
(and I saw the promo ad from reading Moegi Yuu’s ONLY YOU)  
I’ve gotten so frustrated bcoz I can’t find anything in my searches. dafuq!

Also, why is Katou Erena’s mangaupdates profile so lacking ? 
where is sensei’s Slaver’s Series ! ?  

[just putting it out there #4] Weiß Kreuz OMI TSUKIYONO😍

being a 90s kid, Weiß Kreuz was one of my fave anime. I remember now that Omi was my, or may have been first, crush! it was called Knight Hunters from where I’m from btw.

Way before BL, I’m really into the cute ones. For some time in my childhood, I was in love with Omi Tsukiyono! (I do recall kissing the telly screen whenever he would appear on screen, I find myself gross LOL) When I got into BL, Yukiya Ayase was my everything gyahahahaha

talking about this coz I’m doing a Weiß Kreuz rewatch marathon-ish 😝


Anonymous asked:

so wait that new person called ai from ko company is really manato?? as in manato kizawa??

not THAT Manato.

haha sorry about saying a big, confident, and excited yes the first time. apparently he’s the other Manato. before this, I just call him Yabai Manato, or Haruma’s ex, or not KO’s Manato and I didn’t know his surname is Kizawa so sorry for the confusion. the Manato I was  talking about is KO Company’s Manato ^^’

can you believe this is NOT A GIRL !?

and what was even more shocking for me was finding out this is my bb Manato ! 

so apparently under KO’s Papillon he goes by the name Ai and from KO’s website Ai has made three DVD/Vids as her pretty self.

the first time I saw Manato as Ai was in Not A Girl 3 (Kaoru, Eiji & Naoki are in it too) and I was thinking to myself that “my, does she look familiar” like really too familiar (coz if I have not made myself clear I just fuqin love Manato). The opening scene was with a crossdressing guy calling him Ai-chan, so okay I don’t know any Ai in KO. and then I saw the nips and I was freakin out coz I so fuqin recognize those nips bahaha the nips can only belong to MANATO!

bb is so preeetty ! ! !

[Journal #17] my BL focus transition.

22 March 2014

So just two nights ago I have checked in on my crunchyroll account. I had three accounts and I decided to delete the two side accounts and let my main account live on (the account which I was sorta “well-known” for in the past). It’s been years since I’ve accessed my crunchyroll so I kind of forgotten the stuffs I have there. So I browsed thru the stuffs I have there and was sorta amazed of myself at what I’ve put up in the pages there (pats myself on the back hoho). Then I notice. I have transitioned my BL focus through the years. It’s pretty cool how I have my crunchyroll started as I have also started getting into BL, so I have my BL archives via that account :D

In my early years of BL, I was so into BL anime / OVA. I was into Okane ga Nai. I love Okane ga Nai so much that when you say yaoi, the very first thing that comes to my mind would be Okane ga Nai. Up to now I still love it, I mean Yukiya Ayase was the love of my life (but nao I’m the love of my life LOL) so it was pretty serious back then. I also remember my first BL anime was Papa to Kiss in the Dark so I keep on rewatching it for uncountable times coz it only has 2 eps, duh. There was also Loveless, Sensitive Pronograph (shush), Enzai, Angel’s Feather, Fish in the Trap, etc. I was so into those, I like them so much I can still remember them even without googling them. I was starting to read manga bcoz of BL too, tho I can’t remember my first manga :( one of my many regrets in life.

21 May 2014

I can’t believe it took this long to get back to this journal. I have not forgotten I have this lying around but I keep on telling myself I can just do it tomorrow. It is scary how far the extent of one’s procrastination can be. But here is the continuation of this journal.

From moving pictures of the small screen, I then got into reading manga. My earliest recollection of a manga read would be “No Money" (Okane ga Nai by author Shinozaki Hitoyo & artist Kousaka Tohru), and I seem to recall to have favorite mangaka such as the names of Yamane Ayano, CJ Michalski, Yamato Nase, Sadahiro Mika (whom I am not fond of nemor), Minase Masara, among others I’m sure there are but have seem to lost their names in mind.

I just have to insert this bit here. As I write this, I have another tab with the last Spartacus: WotD episode so my speech might have been influenced by said show. Fuq me, how I love the show. Before, I thought I wouldn’t like it but I think nao I have fallen with Spartacus. I was only in it for Nagron, initially.

Moving on. From the many manga that I have read, I believe to have about a thousand reads at least, I then move into more reading and found my way to fanfiction. I even wrote some fanfics back in 2009. I went crazy with the fanfics then, I did miserably at college because of it, nao that I think about it.

After fanfic, I started to get curious and watch live action movies (I have a list of my fave Asian BL movies too). I didn’t want to have my BL do with the realness of human flesh when I first got into BL, I thought I can stop at anime. But I found myself watching one, then another one, ‘til I got frustrated at one point because I can’t find anymore BL movie to watch. So I then turned to live action series, which is in scarcity by the way, and I saw “Queer as Folk”, my favoritest series.

So you can pretty much say my innocence is lost at this point, suffice to say it would be of no shock that I would then get into JGV. BOOM. Did that escalate quickly? I think not. Yes nao I find joy in watching JGV daily. I like KO, Get Film & Men’s Camp, and I am nao starting to like Justice. I love Eiji when I first saw his Incest Mania with T-san as his Papa. My favorite JGV model at this moment are KO’s Shunta (I don’t know where he is right nao, last project is dated early 2012) my bb, Get Film’s Hinata, KO’s Manato (yep his nips I lurve), and KO’s Seigo (I just love the sound of him being done). KO’s Tsukasa is also worth some honorable mention (tho there are times that I don’t like him), also Manato (Haruma’s ex), and KO’s Satoshi, Sora & Toshi. As for JGV couples, I like Atsushi & Tsubasa and Ikuto & his boyfie.   

And that is the story of how I was robbed of innocence by my love. I keed. I was never innocent to begin with huehuehue

[just putting it out there #2] wanna watch Spartacus WOTD nao but…

can’t. Can to the fuqin not!
As i start to watch the second episode (much excite bcoz i believe i shall be seeing a jealous Agron this ep), my father decided to have a quick nap on my bed (he likes napping on my bed coz why dafuq not). I’m really close to Papa but I just wish I can watch what I want to watch in private, this is starting to become a dilemna. What am i to do? I can’t tell him to go out coz i wanna see some man on man action (tho Papa knows I have a thing for homosexual men but i dont think he knows entirely why or what i like seeing two males do, i sure hope not), see what i mean? I know i’m not alone with this but in this house I am, i should move out maybe 😑

[just putting it out there #1] sleep ? or what is sleep ?

so I heard we’ll have four hours of brownout tomorrow later this morning. it’s 3 am? wow. and I’m doing a boyxboyfriend tag marathon on youtube. I also am marathoning American Horror Story. so much to see so little time. 

just putting it out there. 

i should just tweet but I don’t have twitter nemor. can you believe I was hacked? can’t either. unbelievable smh

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